Dwayne Johnson wanted by Taron Egerton in Kingsman 3 cast!


Those of you who do not know, Kingsman The Secret Service was an adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book series that came to the big screens back in 2015, and it was directed by Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class). At first, critics didn’t predict a bright future for this movie adaptation, but thankfully audience caught everyone by surprise with heaps of praise and positive feedback which also reflected in the gross income that was $414 million globally. Thanks to this the studio didn’t think twice about commissioning the second installment.

The second part of this movie is called Kingsman The Golden Circle, and it was showed in theatres this past weekend, but it picked up a little less enthusiasm than its predecessor. That, by the way, didn’t stop it from climbing the box office charts with gross income estimated at $39 million domestically and over $61 million internationally. Kingsman The Golden Circle story definitely prepares us for the third part and that is why we are sure that the 20th Century Fox probably is already planning that final installment and to make things even interesting, the lead actor Egerton stated that he would like to see The Rock in it.


Even before the movie hit theaters, Edgerton had a very busy schedule of promoting his latest project, and he wasn’t alone, his returning cast members Colin Firth and Mark Strong, as well as newcomers Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, and Pedro Pascal where there to help him do it. During those promotions he was asked a lot about the third installment of the franchise but as you already figured he couldn’t disclose much. The most important thing that he said is that he would like to see Dwayne Johnson in the Kingsman 3 playing a potential villain, according to THR. Egerton stated “I know who the character is and it’s nothing like this actor, but I love Dwayne Johnson. I think he’s the right fit for it, but the villain role Matthew has described to me is not Dwayne Johnson.” Well maybe not this one but there probably will be one fitting for him.

To those of you who follow Dwayne, there is not much to say about his achievements and successes. This stellarly popular wrestler turned actor is breaking all the barriers and norms when it comes to acting and popularity. Just yesterday we wrote about his very popular TV Show Ballers that is going into its fourth season, and we do not even have to mention the movie franchise Fast and Furious, nor the fact that a spinoff for his character Hobs from the same franchise is being prepared. Next to the action flicks, there are some kids/family ones, and the latest that comes to mind is Moana that also broke some records. Dwayne’s movies success is something that brought him the titles like the highest-paid actor in 2016, or the best-looking man alive which he acquired over the past years.