Dwayne Johnson Wants Patty Jenkins for his Jungle Cruise Movie!


Dwayne The Rock Johnson recently revealed that he wanted Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman director) to work with him on his upcoming movie Jungle Cruise. Based on one of the rides from Disneyland parks this film has a lot of potential considering how much money movies with similar topics made. Among such flicks are the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean which will soon release its fifth part of the franchise. And what’s more, we really can’t understand how more of these rides haven’t been used as a basis for a movie. That’s why we are super hyped about the Jungle Cruise. And when you see that The Rock is working on it, you simply know that you are in for a great ride.

Several years have passed since Dwayne was last involved with the film, but two or three weeks ago Disney changed that with the announcement of the Jungle Cruise filming schedule reveal. Therefore with a production plan and one huge movie star already on set, we can’t wait to see what other talents will board the ship.

For now, we know who The Rock wants to be a director of this project, and that is no one less than the brain behind one of the year’s most anticipated films. Of course we are talking about Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman director). The Rock mentioned that he was also a huge fan of hers after he acknowledged her skill and admiration.


Here are The Rock’s exact words: ‘Patty has that really cool edge. I felt like she could be a really cool choice for a movie like ‘Jungle Cruise.’ Plus, you know what? I’m just a big fan.’

Looking at all of the videos released from Wonder Woman so far we understand why The Rock wants Patty to direct his movie. On top of that, all those fans who have actually ridden the Jungle Cruise ride will now have the opportunity to enjoy a big screen version of their source of joy but they will surely have high hopes, and good directing will be essentially needed.


Jenkins aimed at the balance between humorous comedy and thrilling adventure with Wonder Woman, and there is no doubt that the same will be necessary for the Jungle Cruise. Considering how well she did with the Wonder Woman (so far) we think that this movie shouldn’t pose a problem for her. The only thing left to see is how much will the Wonder Woman profit and how harsh are critics going to be. If all goes well, we are sure that she will be on board for the Jungle Cruise.