Dwayne Johnson Was Beaten By A Ten-Year-Old

Not even Dwayne Johnson can do it all. Ten-year-old Chloe Streeter proved this. She took Hollywood’s best-paid actor head-on in a video game duel and BEAT HIM TO A PULP.

Chloe is a daughter of Nick Streeter. This man leads a charity called SpecialEffect which is based at Charlbury. His organization adapts video games for children and young adults who have learning and physical disabilities.

Chloe has a motor control issues but is a big fan of video games. Through entertainment channel called The Hook, she got a chance to do an interview with Dwayne Johnson on the subject of his new movie Rampage. After the discussion, the two played the game of the same name.

Despite the fact that The Rock is a fan of this video game and stars in the film called Rampage, he was no match for Chloe. She has been playing games for years now and gave The Rock a run for his money. Chloe was also aided by a young boy called Trevon Obih.

Talking about his daughter’s encounter with famous actor Mr. Streeter said: “I was very proud to see Chloe and young Trevon interviewing and taking on The Rock at Rampage on the Xbox at a London hotel last week. Chloe went along with her mum Alison and had a great day. Chloe has been gaming with SpecialEffect for years, so it’s not surprising she troubled The Rock – at one point he said ‘she keeps trying to kill me in this game’ and his assistants said ‘she’s beating The Rock. Chloe loved meeting him – when she got home, she said ‘he’s huge dad.’ ”

Chloe has been playing on SpecialEffect adapted games for years, but with time her condition improved and she can now play on standard Xbox controller.

Talking about her experience of meeting The Rock and playing Xbox with him Chloe Streeter said: “The Rock was awesome – I really enjoyed playing Rampage with him.”