Dwayne Johnson Wears a Ring on His Pinky – Is he a gangster?

Wearing a ring on your pinky finger is considered stupid by some, but many famous people are doing it. In case Prince Charles and Chris Pine cannot convince you to do it, or the gangsters from the gangster movies, perhaps Dwayne Johnson can.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a lovable man, and people follow his every move. He was seen with a black onyx pinky ring, which goes with his polo and chinos, while he was at Comic-Con in Los Angeles. Even though the famous Hollywood actor is a great motivational speaker, is he also a gangster with that pinky ring?

A pinky ring usually goes with a peak lapel suit and pointy boots, but wrestler-turned-actor shows that it doesn’t necessarily need to be like that. Even though he is not a fashion guru, that ring looks good on The Rock.

Source: www.gq.com

Wearing a pinky ring is completely up to you – some people hate to see it, whereas some endorse it. But, if you plan to buy one, make sure to choose the ring with care. Don’t just pick something from Mr. T reject collection. On the other hand, you don’t need to spend the fortune on pinky finger, but do devote some time to choosing a subtle piece that complements your unique style.

The rock ‘n’ roll types of people are probably going to select a large turquoise ring, whereas the minimalists will lean towards s smaller piece, but The Rock obviously likes usual, black and silver ring that fits perfectly. Even if it looked terrible on this guy, we wouldn’t dare to tell him.

Do you like Johnson’s stylish pinky ring? Would you wear one?