Dwayne Johnson Won’t Run For President In 2024! Maybe in 2024?!


No, Dwayne (or should we already call him Mr. President The Rock Johnson?) will not run for president in 2024. The speculations were there, rumors circling, but the man himself said that it’s not happening in 2024. After that? It’s possible.

He gave an interview to Press Association during the premiere of his latest action-adventure film Rampage. He excluded presidential run in two years time, but he also didn’t shut that door entirely: “I also do not have any delusions that it’s easy. And I have a tremendous respect, so 2024 is not going to happen. Maybe 2024, maybe 2028, I don’t know. I think the best thing I can do now is to go to work and learn. That’s where we’re at.”

Dwayne Johnson has a good shot at being president as any other candidate. What regular politicians don’t have is social media presence of People’s Champ. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle star has 12.8 million followers on Twitter, 58 million likes on Facebook, and 102 million people behind him on Instagram.


When the latest Facebook scandal broke out, regarding users details being leaked to a private company, Fast & Furious actor wasn’t judgmental. He said that the owner and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had “earnest” intentions.

When asked about this subject The Rock responded: “I know Zuckerberg, he is a buddy of mine, and I truly believe that the intentions are earnest, so we will see where all this goes.”


The presidential run is on hold for now, and we must have an understanding for worlds biggest action star. Johnson is releasing one movie after another. After Baywatch and Jumanji last year, his film Rampage hit the theaters yesterday. The next project in line is Skyscraper set for July release. During the summer The Rock will work another two movies – Jungle Cruise and Fast & Furious spin-off. In 2019 he plans Black Adam and appearances in Shazam! and Suicide Squad 2.

The White House can wait. 2024 sounds just about right.