Dwayne Johnson would be excellent for The Genie according to Jack Black

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Not only has Disney already made tons of top-notch classic animated movies, but it has recently released several amazing remakes of those films, too. Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book have both proved to be blockbusters which earned a great amount of money. Moreover, it seems that there are even more such projects to come, so the question is, who will be trusted with all those great roles in the upcoming adaptations?

According to Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson deserves to make an appearance in the Aladdin movie. Namely, the actor believes that The Rock would be great for the role of Genie. “You’d be a rad genie from Aladdin,” he told his co-star (the two worked together on the recently released Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie).

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However, no matter how great the former wrestler might be as Aladdin’s magical helper Genie, it’s too late for him to try his hand at it. Aladdin is coming to theaters soon, so the part of Genie was already given to another actor quite some time ago. And we can’t say that the choice was not good, as Will Smith will appear as this blue guy.

Having made a memorable performance in last year’s Moana, Johnson did, without a doubt, show that he can be trusted with such roles, but, unfortunately, it’s too late for him to take on the part of Genie. Nonetheless, we’re sure there will be another opportunity for him to play in a Disney’s movie again.

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When asked about Robin William’s legacy after Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle release, Kevin Hart revealed that he would like to become a part of the world of Mrs. Doubtfire, while Jack Black still remained positive that The Rock belongs to Aladdin’s world. Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll have the chance to see whether Black was right.