Dwayne Johnson’s 16 year old daughter Simone took the role of Golden Globe Ambassador at awards show!

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Is there a more proud father right now?! I don’t think so. Dwayne The Rock Johnson is in seventh heaven right now because of his oldest daughter Simone who became the first Golden Globe Ambassador of the show’s annual awards. If you remember, so far we had a traditional Miss Golden Globe, but as of now, for the first time this year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association appointed a Golden Globe Ambassador, and lo and behold, the honor went to Simone Garcia Johnson.

The show was on Sunday night, where Dwayne The Rock Johnson proudly introduced his teenage daughter Simone Garcia Johnson with words “Simone, I am so incredibly proud of you.” For those who do not know, Simone is his first and oldest daughter from his first marriage with Dany Garcia, who actually was, and still is his manager and close friend. Simone followed her father’s comment and thanked both of her parents and stated that she feels so honored to be chosen by the HFPA. Besides everything else, Simone pointed out that she will give it her best to focus on helping young women, from undeserved communities and learn new journalism skills.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

In an interview she gave to the NY Times, daughter of the arguably biggest star in Hollywood, also stated that she is so pleased that the HFPA decided to create a role that wasn’t gender defined. “I’m so happy about the change because it’s more inclusive and it promotes equality. I’m really passionate about those things.” Vice president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Anke Hofmann, stated that the group has been considering and preparing for a change for a while now. According to her, the ambassador can be anyone, the gender doesn’t matter anymore.

Check out the video of Dwayne and Simone, and just look at Dwayne’s proud face when he announced her at the stage!