Dwayne Johnson’s Best Movies


Dwayne Johnson became famous as a WWE wrestler, once he started acting, his fame spread all around the world. He is one of the most paid Hollywood stars and you can see him in all kinds of genres such as action, comedy, drama or family films. Let’s take a look at the best movies in which he acted.

The Other Guys


Although Johnson didn’t play the main role in this film, he and Samuel L. Jackson made an iconic appearance and their city chase and dive off the building contributed to the movie significantly.

San Andreas

First of all, there are far better apocalyptic movies than San Andreas and one example is The Day After Tomorrow. Be that as it may, it is entertaining to watch The Rock’s stunts, while the world is collapsing, buildings falling down and the earth is shaking. His performance improved the movie and it is worth seeing, but as we said, it is not the best in the category.

Central Intelligence


You may think that Dwayne Johnson is not a good actor. You may also think that Kevin Hart is not a good actor, which is fine. But when these guys are together in a movie, then the movie must be great. Their chemistry is admirable and you can see that they are friends off the set, so their act is natural. Just like San Andreas, Central Intelligence is not the greatest movie of all time, but The Rock and Kevin Hart add something special to it.

Furious 7

In the movie Furious 7, The Rock portrays the role of Luke Hobbs who is a side character. After a tragic death of Paul Walker, Johnsons’ character became more important and he showed his acting skills.

The Rundown


Dwayne Johnson played the role of Beck who was hired to bring home a mobster’s son from the Amazon. However, once he gets there, he starts fighting against an oppressive town operator in a search for a legendary treasure. This was one of the greatest movies with The Rock in it. It was filmed in 2003, not long after he stopped being a wrestler. Rosario Dawson and Sean William Scott also appear in the movie and if you didn’t see it, but you are a fan of The Rock, please do.

Should any other movie be on this list? If so, which one?