Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Dressed Up As Alex Parrish On Halloween


Simone Alexandra Johnson, the daughter of the famous actor and the former WWE star, Dwayne Johnson, didn’t have too creative, but definitely unique costume for Halloween. She dressed up as the FBI Agent, Alex Parrish and posted a photo on the Instagram. To be honest, she looks gorgeous.

The actress that portrays Alex Parrish is Priyanka Chopra and she responded on Twitter. She wrote:”U look stunning Simone! @TheRock your baby looks way better than I ever could in that outfit!Adorable #alexparrish”

The Priyanka Chopra couldn’t stop being sentimental about Dwayne Johnson’s daughter and she was definitely swept off her feet. The Rock must be really proud.


Priyanka Chopra became famous in the new TV Series called Quantico. As it has been said before, she plays the role of Alex Parrish, and the series follows the lives of young FBI recruits. They are training at the Quantico base in Virginia, but one of these recruits is considered to be a sleeper terrorist.

Furthermore, she is going to star in the new comedy called Baywatch, which is supposed to hit theaters next year. Dwayne Johnson will join her on the set in a role of Mitch Buchanan. Check out the photos here.