Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter is Training at the WWE Performance Center


Even though Simone Johnson, Dwayne Johnson’s daughter is still 17, she might be considering a path that leads to the wrestling world thus continuing the family tradition. Recently, Lillian Garcia and Zelina Vega talked on the Chasing Glory podcast and Vega disclosed what it is like working with The Rock on the movie Fighting With My Family.

She pointed out that she and Simone became close during the shooting of the film and she confirmed that Simone has been exercising at the WWE Performance Center. “His daughter Simone and I have become so close,” Vega said. “And she’s training now at the Performance Center. To be a part of that, because she’s like I want to learn from you. I was like, dude. She was like, ‘I knew that I wanted to start wrestling for sure when I saw you at Raw doing the movie.’ I was like, dude, that’s The Rock’s daughter telling me this? What?”

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin provided more details on the topic. He said that Simone has been coming to the Center occasionally, but in the near future, she will start training on a more serious basis.


The Rock, a man who has gone through that entire process and managed to become one of the greatest in the history of the sports entertainment, said that he was going to support Simone all the way through as she attempts to establish her own name in the industry. However, we don’t know for sure when she will start fighting in the ring. But let’s not forget that she is only 17 at the moment and she is already getting her training done. The WWE would benefit from having her in the industry, especially since she is Dwayne Johnson’s daughter.

If Simone does choose to go into WWE, and she will most likely do that, do you think that she can become as successful as her father?