Dwayne Johnson’s Han Solo Reference in Jumanji Everyone Missed

Source: nerdist.com

Dwayne Johnson is a huge Star Wars fan, and he wanted everyone to know that. However, he didn’t just come out and say it. Instead of that, he included a Han Solo reference in his newest movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It appears that Jumanji was not only about late Robin Williams as there were many other references and Easter eggs a lot of people missed.

On Twitter, The Rock thanked everyone who loved the movie and appreciated the homage to Williams. Moreover, he noted that there is a Han Solo reference in the film because he is a big fan of the franchise. Johnson wrote: “Cool seeing these stories now about how we paid homage to Robin’s beloved “Alan Parrish.” All very subtle nods that fans have been loving. I also added a cool Han Solo Easter egg in #JUMANJI cause I’m such a Star Wars geek.”

Dwayne told Screen Rant that he has been a longtime fan of Harrison Ford and his roles of Indiana Jones and Han Solo, which is why he decided to add these two character references in the new Jumanji.

“Like I have my hat … this is such a dorky thing, but this [grabs machete holster] is my nod to Harrison in ‘Star Wars,’ ” he said. “Right? Just kind of slung real low … there’s little things, little Easter eggs.”

And when you look at it, you can see the similarity. We have posted the photos of Dwayne Johnson from the new Jumanji and one of Harrison Ford as Han Solo so that you can check it out. If you still haven’t seen Jumanji, go to the theaters immediately, because the movie is great!