Dwayne Johnson’s Social Media Accounts


Having achieved great accomplishments in various areas, Dwayne The Rock Johnson has become an omnipresent figure in today’s pop culture. Not only is he a well-known bodybuilder and wrestler, but he has become an accomplished actor and producer, as well. It seems that whatever it is that The Rock decides to do turns out to be a major success, as he has left his mark in both wrestling and acting.

Perhaps the most successful movie project he has done so far was The Fast and the Furious franchise. Johnson’s success in the film industry became so great that last year it was announced that he was the world’s highest-paid actor. He has also been said to be “one of the most powerful celebrities” as well as the most attractive man of the year.

How did Dwayne Johnson gain fame?

Back in his college days, Johnson took particular interest in football, so he joined the Miami Hurricanes dreaming of the National Football League (NFL). However, after some time, he suffered an injury which forced him to step back for a while. Then he decided to join the Calgary Stampeders in Canada, but he didn’t have much luck there either, as they cut him from the team before 1995 season.

Thus Johnson realized he would have to give up on his football career. As his father 0, better known as Rocky Johnson, was a professional wrestler, it came as no surprise when he decided to become one also. Having passed a tryout for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Dwayne made the first appearance as a wrestler in 1996. His ring name at the time was “Rocky Maivia, ” but he eventually changed to “The Rock.”


Dwayne Johnson’s Acting Career

One of the first parts of today’s highest-paid actor was the role in a TV series “The Net” (1999). And then, it started snowballing. He took part in 2000’s “Star Trek Voyager,” then in action movie “The Mummy Returns” released in 2001, which was followed by the leading role (the first one in his career) in another action film, “The Scorpion King,” which came out one year later. He was also the executive producer of “Clash of the Corps and The Hero.”

Last year he added one more accomplishment to his list – collaboration with Under Armour for the “Project Rock” series of items. Finally, he released The Rock Clock, a mobile app which synchronizes The Rock’s wake up time with the app users’.

In case you are not following Dwayne Johnson’s social media accounts here is the list of those that you can check out:
Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter Username – TheRock
Dwayne Johnson’s Personal Facebook Account – DwayneJohnson
Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram Username – therock
Dwayne Johnson’s YouTube Channel – therock
Dwayne Johnson’s Snapchat – therock (made in May last year)

As for his Kik account, he has not created one yet, but he might decide to do so this year, who knows.