Dwayne Johnson’s sushi cheat meal


Last weekend, The Rock was in the mood to spend some quality time watching a good documentary and eating some even better sushi, and he decided to share this with his fans.

The former wrestler posted a photo on Instagram for his 121.9 million followers, a photo which shows more than 90 sushi rolls, together with sashimi and plenty of dips, and a Netflix documentary about one of his favorite performers, Johnny Cash. It seems that’s Johnson’s idea of a perfect Sunday evening, and who wouldn’t agree?

According to the actor himself, Cash’s iconic career inspired his weekend meal, as he said: “I wear the black for the poor and beaten down… livin’ in the hopeless, hungry side of town,” Johnson said, adding: “If you ain’t eatin’ – then you ain’t cheatin’. Enjoy your cheat meals my friends and excuse me while I take greed and gluttony to new levels.”

The photo of this amazing meal got more than 2.4 million Instagram likes and nearly 30,000 comments, even though it was not the first such image he posted, as The Rock is known as sushi lover. Take a look at it – you would like to prepare the same dinner for yourself, wouldn’t you? Add your favorite documentary to it and you really don’t need anything else to enjoy a Sunday evening.

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