Dwayne The Rock Johnson as animal-loving hero in Rampage


Based on the 1980’s arcade video game Rampage, the upcoming movie of the same title is set to hit theaters in April next year. It is known for a while that it will star Dwayne Johnson in the main role of Davis Okoye, but now we get to learn a little bit more about his character.

Namely, Davis Okoye is a primatologist who makes friends with a 7-foot-tall albino gorilla George. “I’m pretty sure on paper he’s smarter than me as well,” the actor made a witty remark when asked about the gorilla. In the movie, George and other creatures which grow enormous after an experiment which goes wrong are about to destroy everything in their path, while Okoye and his team are supposed to stop them from doing so. The Rock also added: “Like with anything that powerful, you have to really be careful that you’re utilizing it wisely and not for the wrong reasons.”


Not only does Johnson’s character get along with George, but he appears to have a better relationship with animals than with people overall. “When animals like you, they lick you. When they don’t like you, they eat you. That’s his philosophy, which has gotten him far in life,” the former wrestler says.

Furthermore, the actor expressed his belief that the movie will be successful saying: “These monsters are relentless, and audiences are going to find that ride very exhilarating. As an actor in the movie, it’s fun and daunting. It’s 12- to 14-hour days of survival, and it’s not quiet survival either.”


In addition to Johnson, Rampage will also star Naomie Harris as Dr. Kate Caldwell, a genetic scientist who works with Davis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a government agent Harvey Russell, and Malin Åkerman as Claire Wyden, the villainess who is responsible for the previously mentioned experiment. According to The Rock, Åkerman “not only can carry the screen but can also be captivating and really believable in terms of her malevolent nature.”

Johnson seems to be more than satisfied with his role and the movie in general, as he said: “Even when I was a kid when you watch these movies everyone is looking up at something and terrified. As a character, I loved that position where I’m looking up and there’s nothing you can do but try to survive these three gigantic mutated monsters.”

Finally, the lead actor explained that he had to put some effort into understanding silverback gorilla’s psychology and behavior for the sake of this project. He concluded: “That was really eye-opening for me in terms of how dangerously close we are to having these beautiful animals extinct. There is a much greater level of empathy and care and consideration that we have to have. I was an animal lover before, but after this, my love has become boundless.”