Dwayne The Rock Johnson asked Nia Jax To Walk Out and X-Pac Cannot Believe It


Sean Waltman and the X-Pac 12360 crew talked about Nia Jax and her unusual position in the WWE. Namely, Nia was convinced to leave the company by Dwayne Johnson, and we all know that this guy wrestled and was one of the best in the business.

Savelina Fanene, or better known as Nia Jax was supposed to fight against Sasha Banks at WWE TLC and since she was dissatisfied with the company creative’s plans for the match, she reportedly walked out. Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated said that Nia didn’t want to lose to Sasha Banks easily because she felt that a clean loss would ruin her momentum. She turned to The Rock for the advice, and he told her to walk away in case she doesn’t feel happy about it.

X-Pac told the listeners of his podcast that the situation was unlikely and he found it hard to believe the rumors. He said: “Rumor is that she called The Rock and that The Rock advised her to walk out- I cannot buy that, I absolutely don’t buy that Dwayne Johnson gave his cousin the advice to walk out of the company. I don’t believe that for one second.”


According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the rumors about Nia Jax walking away from WWE are nothing but speculations and that it has yet to be confirmed. They explained that Nia has taken a few days off of wrestling because she is not involved in any significant storylines at the moment.

Nia Jax is one of the most consistent female wrestlers, and the fans know that they can expect from her to deliver each night when she fights. She has been confirmed for the European tour, so we will have to agree with X-Pac. We find this difficult to believe, but still, we are going to wait for the official confirmation.