Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson fulfills his dream and meets his hero Ronnie Lott


Even the big stars have their heroes. Ever since he was a little child, Dwayne Johnson’s dream was to meet the legendary football star, Ronnie Lott. On his Instagram, Johnson published a photo with Ronnie, while thanking the former player for giving him a chance to fulfill his childhood dream. This is what he wrote:

“When I started playing ball as a teen, Ronnie, Howie Long and Lawrence Taylor were my three heroes. Intensity, toughness & greatness,” Johnson posted. “Ronnie’s book was the first book I ever read as a teen and man did his words inspire me.”

“It was a real honor to tell him face to face how much he and his career had inspired me,” he said. “Thank you brother to you and your lovely wife, Karen for surprising me on our #Ballers set. Meant a lot to me. Your 25+ year marriage is inspiring and a shining example of how it can still be done.”


“Btw, I’m holding the HALL OF FAME helmet that Ronnie AND Jerry Rice signed to me as a gift. This half ** smile I’m wearing is because I’m trying to contain my teenage like excitement😂,” Johnson finished.

Apart from finding a hero in a celebrity, his greatest and genuine hero is actually his father. For Christmas, Dwayne thought of his beloved ones, and he got his dad a new car. Thus, Dwayne has shown the profound respect he is having for his father. This was his way of showing gratitude for teaching him true values, such as “struggle and hard work.”