Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Recommends – Service your Ford at Ford!


Everybody’s favorite movie star Mr. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is very busy recently, but when you take his character into consideration, that shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Mr. work-all-the-time now has two major projects, one is the latest Fast & Furious movie that we are expecting to hit theaters in few months (if I recall correctly), while the other is Ford Motor Company. Apparently, Dwayne is the Blue Oval’s ambassador of service, and he has taken his time to remind us all that no one in this world can service your Ford better than Ford itself.

Ford’s new campaign called “Ford Service: Keeping Your Ford on the Road” is supposed to follow up on the Fords previous service effort from October 2015. Thanks to this commercial, in 1:10 of the video we found out that there are more than 47 million Ford vehicles on the road today, and The Rock very convincingly asked us “Why’s that?” Of course that we received the answer immediately and it didn’t even surprise as at all.

According to what The Rock says “it’s because of the people working hard to keep them there.” But that isn’t all that true, is it!? Who among you, our readers, has recently saw a 1973 Ford F-100 or a 1983 Ford Ranger hanging from the jacks in the Ford service anywhere? You actually can’t because those old Fords are kept on the road specifically thanks to their owners and local garages.

But let’s not drift away to far from the topic at hand. If you actually own a slightly more modern Ford vehicle, then the fact is (and this is without any doubt) that no one else can maintain your vehicle better than Ford itself. Just to put things into perspective, you should know that more than 35.000 hardworking men and women are employed in order to maintain Ford and Lincoln vehicles in top-notch shape. When asked to comment his association with Ford Dwayne stated: “I’m very excited about what we’re building with the good people of Ford.” He also added that “Our new campaign is a special one and, considering Ford is one of the founding companies that helped build this country, I’m proud of the work our service people are accomplishing here as we continue to elevate the game.”

All of this is very nice, and every American should be proud, but there is also a bad side to this. That bad side consists of actual horror stories that are related to the warrantied car repairs. Every automaker should put some additional effort into this segment of their game just to keep their credibility at desired and high level because one side of the business is the vehicle itself, but the other (nothing less important) side is the quality of the service department.

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