Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reveals his love for Disturbed


The former WWE star, who is currently pretty much the biggest name in Hollywood, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, expressed his love towards Disturbed, the famous rock band from Chicago on his Twitter account. After revealing that he has been a huge fan of the band for quite a long time, his love was returned as Disturbed gave respect to Dwayne as well. Take a look.

We know that Johnson doesn’t miss a day without his workout routine. Waking up early in the morning to keep his body in shape, he must have a strong motivation to maintain his focus. Well, it turns out that his focus in the gym early in the morning is strengthened by the music he is listening to. A few days ago, Johnson posted a video of himself training, while from the speakers we could hear one of the most popular songs of the rock band Disturbed, “Down With The Sickness.”

Johnson posted a video of himself on Instagram while in the gym and Disturbed tweeted “pretty bad-ass seeing The Rock listening to our song… for some early morning inspiration!”

Johnson then replied by admitting he has been a fan of the band for years:

“I’ve been a “Disturbed one” for quite some time boys. Thank you for the motivation. Keep killin’.”


And judging by the comments of Disturbed, their love is mutual.

“Much respect brother! We are fans of yours as well! Open invitation to you, anytime you want to come see us play!”