Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson rocked the Elvis look for annual Rock The Troops special!


Our bellowed actor Dwayne Johnson is all about giving back and raising the holiday cheer this year, and that is why this year’s annual Rock The Troops special is no different than any other before! Well, it is slightly different, in this year’s special we can see Dwayne singing and dancing to the Jailhouse Rock, dressed up as Elvis and even flirting with a group of thrilled female soldiers.

If you didn’t know this years special will be held at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii, and the general idea of the special is to honor, inspire and entertain the men and women who fight for our country. As we previously announced the special would be full of famous faces, besides Dwayne of course, such as Nick Jonas, Matthew McConaughey, and Kevin Hart. Our main star, The Rock, is a man of many talents, as you can see from this short preview, being a former wrestler and now actor and producer, he took his performance on stage more than seriously and nailed his Elvis impersonation as well as showing off his impressive voice.

But Dwayne had a little warming up show before this, and it happened On Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show where he and host Jimmy Fallon played a role as Santa’s helpers as they masterminded a surprise for a military family that was so emotional it brought Fallon to tears. Just before the end of an interview with Fallon, Dwayne made a statement saying how he would like to give something back to the troops before the big show right there in front of the amazed audience and reunite a family.


His exact words were “There is one more thing I wounding up in the show’s control room where they have found The Tonight Show‘s producer Karina Kabalan. “I hear you’re a producer of this show and you’re an army vet,” said Johnson and proceeded to hug the confused producer. “I heard that you met your husband when you were both deployed in Iraq. And your husband’s name is Todd, and he is a master sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. And that you guys have been living apart for the past year and a half because he’s 5,000 miles away.”

This was a thank-you from Dwayne for both their sacrifices and to tie everything with a red bow he practically made Karina’s Christmas wish come true with these words “We wanted to bring your husband home for the holidays. Turn around and hug your husband!”

Man, even I get emotional, and that’s only by writing this. You really have got to love this boulder of a human and his ability to look so tough outside but yet so warm and sensitive on the inside. To you who did not know Dwayne was recently named People magazine’s hottest man alive for 2016, and when he was asked to comment on the award, on the Ellen show he answered “I can tell you now that what this means is I still have to drive in my pickup truck and change Jasmine’s diapers but now I’m just still the S*xi*st Man Alive”.

That is all from us folks, and if you will take a piece of advice do not miss on the Rock the Troops special that will air on Spike TV on December 13!

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