Dwayne The Rock Johnson And 2017 Ford GT – Two Superstars

image source: Instagram.com

When you are a famous like our favorite Dwayne The Rock Johnson, you usually have the opportunity to be in the company of other superstars. This time it is the 2017 Ford GT that had the chance to hang out a little bit with wrestler turned actor.

On top of being famous, The Rock is a well known “Ford Guy” and one of the ambassadors of the Blue Oval car maker. This allowed him to spend three days in the companies Detroit headquarters and see all the thing we, mere mortals, are not able to see.

According to one of his Instagram posts he wanted to get to know the production process and spend time with multiple divisions. We could hear only praise for all their hard work as he was amazed at the amount of work they invest in the development of all models. But one really caught his eye.

The 2017 Ford GT, he was pictured beside, is one of 1,000 that exist or that will be built. As the man himself stated, and we tend to agree with him, this is one of the most iconic vehicles ever, and it comes as a successor to a great line of supercars that allowed Ford to be launched in that segment the right way.

On this occasion, he stated: “Spent time here with the brilliant designers (the team was comprised of only a handful of designers from around the world) who engineered this car and I appreciate them taking me thru the entire process (from 1965) and inspiration behind it. Truly fascinating and what an education and new found respect I now have for the design & engineering process.”

Picture of two superstars shows the 2016 Le Mans Winner that was specially tailored to compete and win that incredible race. He also, sadly, adds, that the guy beside this magnificent vehicle is 6’5, 260 lbs and is not capable of getting into the white beauty.

image source: Instagram.com

He is not disappointed because of this fact as he is used to stuff like this not being capable of taking him to his destination. Plus, to be honest, he is a truck guy and always stated that. This is not all as he says that the designers are building special custom 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor model for him.