Dwayne The Rock Johnson And His Epic 1 a.m. Cheat Meal


If you are at least semi-serious about gym and training, you know how important is to have a proper diet, without that, all the effort and the sweat will go in vain. No matter how obsessed you are with diet, from time to time, you need to have a cheat meal, just ask Dwayne The Rock Johnson about that.

For most people, cheat meal usually includes cheeseburger or doughnuts, but Johnson managed to push this to a whole new level. Just recently we could see one of the cheat meals that he decided to share on Instagram. This time around he decided to opt for sushi that was served on two big plates.

Here is what his Instagram photo says: “1 am and the cheat meal sushi train rolls along like an unstoppable force.” Similar to other posts that we see from Dwayne, this one also amassed an insane number of likes and comments. At the moment it is at above 1.5 million likes and 11,000 comments.

While devouring this epic cheat meal, the famous actor decided to watch Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, a documentary that depicts the life of Fred Rogers that we know as Mr. Rogers from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He definitely liked the movie and said that he highly recommends it. He also admitted that he “wound up passed out on the couch like a wounded buffalo” after he finished with all that sushi.

We are used to seeing Dwayne sharing photos of his cheat meals, and just recently, in August, he also had a close encounter with sushi. That time around, Ballers star was watching a documentary on comedian Garry Shandling. On that occasion, he decided to share some of his limitless wisdom. Here is what was written under the photo: “With a phenomenal doc on legendary comedian, Garry Shandling. He discovered that his secret sauce to success was when decided to just be himself. So the take away here, is be you. And don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself – crush your cheat meals.”