Dwayne The Rock Johnson – Another Impressive Skill

Source: instagram.com

One of the most popular celebrities nowadays, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson doesn’t ever cease to impress his innumerable fans. Just when you think you’ve seen it all from him, he surprises you with something else. What has he done this time? Let’s find out.

Although it might seem to you that The Rock has fulfilled all of his lifelong ambitions, there might be some that he still eagerly wants to. Or has wanted to up to this moment. Namely, he has decided to add one more skill to his already impressive resume.

This celebrity who is a role model to thousands of people has finally made his childhood dream come true. Namely, he has learnt to play a song with a musical instrument, only with a twist.

As usual, he posted a video on his Instagram account and wrote a caption below: “As a kid I had this dream of playing my favorite ragtime song, ‘The Entertainer’ from Marvin Hamlisch on piano. But I truly sucked at piano. Until I started using my feet”.

The 45-year-old wrestler-turned-actor really managed to pull this off. Jazz musician Scott Joplin originally wrote the tune, while it was adapted for the movie classic The Sting in 1973 by Hamlisch.

Johnson has a mini-ritual in which he prepares for his performance. At first he takes a couple of deep breaths and loosens up, after which he steps on the mat. The mat resembles piano keys. Upon finishing, he straightens his T-shirt and brushed off his shoulder jokingly, in his well-known manner.

His fans were amazed with the performance and applauded it heavily, whereas some of them took it as Johnson’s audition for a sequel to Big. There were the ones who said that it were only Tom Hanks and the Rock who could pull that off.