Dwayne The Rock Johnson Brings A Video Promoting One Of The Most Important NFL Games

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As the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars were preparing for another iconic clash for the AFC Championship, Dwayne The Rock Johnson brought fantastic video hyping up this game. While many expected to see Patriots here, we can agree that Jaguars were quite a surprise, but it is clear that they deserved a spot.

Let’s get back to the video that Johnson made with CBS, the network that has been covering this matchup. The entertainment industry is a big business, and CBS definitely has some connections allowing them to get in touch with all the most prominent names. As a result, we could see John Malkovich talking about the game, but then, the biggest name in the Hollywood came to the scene.

We can see The Rock showing the promo skills that he utilized perfectly for so many years in the wrestling business. In the video, we could hear few of his famous catchphrases, but this one was mostly delivered to hype up Tom Brady, that is also his friend and Jaguars players to some extent. It is interesting to note that he somehow managed to tell the story but without mentioning Blake Bortles, Jags quarterback.

We definitely recommend you to watch the video, but we also have the transcript of it, here is what Dwayne said:

“You wanted big? Well, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Championship Sunday. Tom’s day. Oh, you’re not a fan? Well, you don’t have to like the guy, but you cannot ignore the facts. Seven straight AFC Championship Games. Five-time Super Bowl champion. Four-time Super Bowl MVP, and arguably the best of all time.

“But the Jacksonville Jaguars and their monster defense are here, too. And they don’t care about Tom’s day. They’ve heard the predictions. They know most of you wanted Pittsburgh, but they’ve only got one thing to say: bring it.

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“Do you hear that? ‘Cause it’s coming. It’s called greatness, and every player on that field has the opportunity to seize it. That’s not an opinion; that is a message, straight from me, the jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trail-blazing, eyebrow-raising, Championship Sunday, test the limits of your soul, leave it all on the line for the Super Bowl.

“60 minutes from now, the ultimate AFC battle begins. It is David versus Goliath. Sacksonville versus the hoodie. Both of these teams know how to go big. But, to have a chance at immortality, the question is: who goes bigger?”

In the end, we got the fantastic game, and if you didn’t watch it and you don’t want to hear the result don’t read further. Tom Brady and his crew again managed to prevail and win. The final score show 24-21 in favor of the home team, New England Patriots.