Dwayne The Rock Johnson is still firm in his decision to become the next president of the United States

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For all those who remember, at the beginning of this year Dwayne The Rock Johnson announced that he was taking into consideration running for the next president of the USA. He even chose Tom Hanks as his running mate. And, believe it or not, he is still clinging on to his promise. And if you are craving for something different on the American political stage, then seeing a professional wrestler becoming the president of the USA may be the real refreshment.

However, this shouldn’t surprise you given the fact Trump’s history before becoming the president. His wrestling pedigree was almost as amazing as Johnson’s.

During the promotion of his new project Jumanji, he shortly opened up about his campaign.

“I think the ‘People’s President’ has a really nice ring to that,” Johnson stated, “I’ll just say that.”

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Even though Johnson has been bringing this presidency topic up the whole year, we are still unfamiliar with his actual views on the current state of affairs in the world. What’s his opinion on issues with North Korea and how would he solve many problems that are troubling America? However, we know that people have started to believe that Dwayne could be the solution to creating some sort of unity of American citizens. In one of his interviews, Tilford Kenton, 26, who launched the “Run The Rock 2024” stated:

“I’ve been discussing (this committee) with friends for some time, but I ultimately decided to create the committee because America is incredibly divided.”

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He also added: “With this level of vitriol and anger, I believe we desperately need a leader who can unite us and not just pander to a small base of supporters.”

And according to Tilford, Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the best leader for America.

Some people argue that even though we don’t know where his heart lies in political terms, the things would definitely improve if we had Johnson as the next president.