Dwayne The Rock Johnson Joining a Football Team Again in 2018?!


We are not lying really. There is going to be a guy named Dwayne Johnson on the Syracuse football squad next season. This team is going to get much stronger based only on having a guy with that name on the roster. He is going to be playing next year. Johnson is going to put on a uniform.

But, it’s just not going to be an actor that we know as Dwayne Johnson. He is a real football player that spells his name a bit differently than one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today. His name is DuWayne Johnson, and he played for the Arizona Western last fall.


He had 17 tackles as a defensive end, which helped his team get to the 9-1 record. They even appeared in the NJCAA National Championship game, but they have fallen short.

We believe that this other Johnson is going to do just fine on a new team. Heck, The Rock would have probably been able to do some damage on the field if he wanted to play again.

You do know that he did play football before he became a pro wrestler. Just look at how he is built. There is no way that he wouldn’t be able to hit somebody and beat him up on the field.

There is no doubt that a lot of people are going to be reminded of The Rock when they hear his name, just like we were surprised when we read it first.

Yep, Johnson is going to be back on the field, but it’s going to be DuWayne in action and not Dwayne. The Rock is just too busy making moves and millions of dollars right now.