Dwayne The Rock Johnson Pranked Kevin Hart On Jumanji Set


Here is another proof that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a funny guy. He proves that on both movie set and in real life as he is always bringing laughter and positive energy to others. The latest victim of one of his pranks was his co-star from Jumanji, Kevin Hart.

The video that The Rock posted on his Instagram account shows how silly he can be. And while the entire crew had a good laughter we are sure that Kevin Hart didn’t like it, at least not in the first few seconds when he saw that scary spider in the grass right beside him.

Even this is very very very old prank with a spider, hairy spider to be more precise, it is very effective when you are lying in a ton of grass, and you are filming in the deep jungle. We are not sure if they already met some of the forest inhabitants and if there are such creatures there but the reaction of Kevin Hart is priceless.

In the post, Dwayne Johnson explains that when you are filming a movie like Jumanji, and you are in the jungle, you can always see insects flying and crawling all over the place. Then you are doing the scene where you need to lay down to the ground, like this one, and all sort of bugs are around you.

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This situation can be tricky especially for someone like Kevin Hart that is, as The Rock says, “It’s Kev’s worst nightmare and some of the funniest sh’t I’ve seen when he thinks something is crawling on him.”. Obviously, he is scared of things like that, and we can’t blame him.

Jumanji is non-stop fun for the crew, and Dwayne Johnson is trying to make it even better with his jokes and pranks. When this movie comes out it will be great as they are transferring all that positive energy to cast and into the film.