Dwayne The Rock Johnson Sends A Hilarious Birthday Message To Chris Hemsworth

Dwayne The Rock Johnson knows how to attract attention on the social media, and after a recent rant going his way because of pics and videos from an aquarium, he definitely wants to make us laugh and get on good side. He managed to do it yet another time by sending a special birthday message to Chris Hemsworth.

A huge number of messages went to Hemsworth’s way and among them was the one from The Rock. Just as always, Dwayne has to go a little bit further and be unique and the most entertaining guy out there. The second-highest paid actor stopped his training and decided to record a video for Thor, it was so important that he stopped his weightlifting session, and we know Johnson as a gym fanatic.

The best way to congratulate a birthday to someone is to send him a Happy Birthday song, but Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle star decided to slightly alter the words of the popular song. It is best for you to watch the video and listen to what Dwayne had to say to his Aussie colleague.

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In the second part of the video, The Rock talks a little bit about him and his plans, more specific, suggesting that it is his cheat day. He mentioned cookies, something that he obviously loves and also called out Hemsworth for sitting on his a*s and eating birthday cake. It is clear that Dwayne is jealous, but in a positive way, as we know how gentle this giant is.

If you watched the latest installment of Avengers, then you definitely could see some major changes in the franchise with many of the main characters being killed by Thanos. Fortunately for Thor, he is still alive and well so we do expect to see him in future sequels of one of the biggest franchises ever. Reports suggest that the next movie in line will be released in 2019, and it is speculated that it will happen in the first half of the year.