Dwayne The Rock Johnson Serenades Fans!


Every man would like to look like Dwayne The Rock Johnson. I mean, he is seriously strong, and his nickname is The Rock. Need I say more? Well, when you are as big as this man traveling around without getting noticed becomes pretty hard. But Dwayne is the ultimate good guy, so he doesn’t mind meeting fans in public. Actually, he adores it.

He uploaded a video to Instagram recently where he met dozens of fans on what seemed to be the side of the road. He started off the video with a joke about him being a ‘delusional, self-centered, 18 karat Hollywood assh*le’ but then he gets out of his vehicle to meet and greet a group of fans. Not only did he say hello but he offered to sing a serenade.

When he later described this encounter with fans he specifically remembered one girl who drove for 7 hours to meet him. If that isn’t a tremendous relationship with fans, then we have no idea about anything.

‘The girl who started singing to me, drove 7hrs to meet me.’ wrote The Rock.

‘After we took a pic, I gave her a hug and she started crying and said she’ll never forget this moment for the rest of her life. She actually compared it to a story I’ve told about when I met Muhammad Ali years ago. Beautiful moment. Thank you @ayatt7 for the words.’

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We have to admit that because of these special moments it is really good to be famous. Oh yeah, did we mention free waffles? That’s another perk too.