Dwayne The Rock Johnson Seriously Thinking about Running for President in 2024

Source: ftw.usatoday.com

Can it be that in 2024 we will place our bids for the role of president on Dwayne The Rock Johnson?

Part-time South Florida resident and ex-football player for Miami Hurricanes has been talking on several occasions to more than one media outlet about his thoughts of running for president for real.

The Rock managed to do what many others have failed – he successfully shifted from being a professional wrestler to making big-time movies in Hollywood. However, can he make his transition to being a politician?

During the past year and a half, he made numerous remarks about his possible candidature. Some of those may have been serious, some of those perhaps not, but it is no lie that he said it to Vanity Fair and GQ, and in Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon.

Nevertheless, when he recently made an appearance in The Ellen Show, he gave one of his clearest signs yet after he was asked once again about him bidding on the presidential role.

The Rock said: “I’m seriously considering it, yes.”

Even before he could answer that question, another guest of the show gave his thumbs up for the whole idea. It was Kevin Hart who said that Johnson is “very serious when it comes to spreading that love” and “genuine.”

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson both star in the new movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which will premiere in cinemas on Wednesday.

Another good news that The Rock put out this week is that he is expecting his third child, another baby girl. It is his second child with his girlfriend Lauren Hashian with whom he has been dating for a while now.

If in fact, he does try his luck in running for president, The Rock would have to deal with another former WWE persona and part-time South Florida resident. Of course, we’re talking about Donald Trump.