Dwayne The Rock Johnson Should or Shouldn’t Run For President?

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Rumor has it that Dwayne Johnson is going to run for president and he even playfully announced the run in the latest SNL skit, but what is odd about it is that he didn’t deny it. This may get really serious because the public seems to love it. Whatever you think about Donald Trump, he was a former reality star who became the president and paved the road for other celebrities such as “President Rock.”

Now, we have a growing number of rumors saying that Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry and Kanye West may run for office. These are all speculations, of course, but if Johnson were to run for the USA’s most important man, he would have a chance to win.

The Rock is charismatic, plus he is a giant and when it comes to leadership, size matters. His ethnicity is mixed and really hard to detect, which means that he would be a great representative of all US citizens. He went from rags to riches, lives the American dream, and this is why he could actually win. Also, everyone loves The Rock, except maybe, Vin Diesel.

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But is placing another celebrity in the White House truly good for the country? No matter who the president is, you can either love him or not, but rarely a person is indifferent. Nowadays, the internet is fraught with comments about Trump, fake and real news, genuine love and hate, arguments which are becoming exhausting. And this happens every day.

People are politically engaged, which is good to some degree, but the White House is under a constant scrutiny and believe it or not, but politicians are under enormous pressure. If Dwayne Johnson is selected, there is no going back. This means that politicians would have to learn to act, dance, sing and smash their opponents on the floor. We just have to face the fact that in America, anyone can be president.

Would you like to see Dwayne Johnson in the Oval Office?