Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s weird encounter with … himself?!

When you are a celebrity, you have to be aware that you will have your fair share of weird situations. From awkward fans to freak encounters and it is all OK because it all fits into the profile of a superstar. Dwayne just had one of those weird encounters where he faced, believe it or not, a huge print-out of his own face. Here is what he shared via his Instagram account on Thursday regarding this situation.

You all know that Johnson is shooting a new movie called Skyscraper? Well, a fan was waiting to meet Dwayne after his finished day of shooting and to prove just how big of a fan he actually is, he made a huge print-out of Johnson’s head. If that doesn’t say devotion to your idol well, then there is one more info that goes with this. The fan actually spent three days straight waiting to meet our favorite actor.

Source: instagram.com

Dwayne shared this on Instagram – “Wrapped a 16hr work day and dog tired. As I’m loading up my truck, my security says “there’s a guy up there by railroad tracks who’s been waiting for the past 3 nights about 8hrs a night. You’re finally gonna see when you drive by. How would you like to handle it”? The only way I know how. I’m a grateful and lucky SOB to have the greatest fans in the world. Good to meet ya.” But to make things even more interesting, Dwayne decided to make a joke on the fan and he recorded a vid of that as well. In the vid you can see Dwayne approaching the fan with words “So here’s the thing, I’m real tired. How about we just come back tomorrow?”

What is even more interesting is the smiling face and enthusiasm of the fan who actually agreed to come again tomorrow and have the huge Dwayne’s head cut-out signed. But as we all know Dwayne he couldn’t do that to him and in his words “He’s just happy, I can’t … Come here, buddy; I can’t even joke with you, you’re too happy, dude.” But Dwayne wouldn’t be Dwayne if he didn’t try to make the fan even more enthusiastic. He asked him “Did you make that yourself?” and the fan responded “Well, I printed it myself, yeah,” and Dwayne took advantage of that to joke “Ah, good. Well, it sucks. Goodbye!”

After the joke was over Dwayne decided to sign his cut-out and thank all of his fans for being the best in the world. But here is the vid below, check it out for yourself, it’s excellent!