E-Commerce Trends Moving Online & Mobile In Niche Areas


With the increasing trend of globalization, suppliers became more able to reach geographies that they have never dreamed of before. Today, an e-commerce player can easily supply goods to places thousands of miles away through their e-commerce site and marketplaces like Alibaba, Ebay and the likes.

Fashion items are the first things that come to mind when it comes to cross border commerce. The lighter the e-commerce items are, the more the cross border commerce demand for these types of fashion items. Accessories and items that are complementary to the fashion items are also on high demand from oversees. Suppliers that are aware of the globalization trend try to benefit from the vast amount of opportunities that lies beyond the borders. This is triggered by multiple factors;

  • Foreign exchange rate opportunities
  • Scarcity of suppliers in other markets
  • Improving logistical infrastructure worldwide
  • Large population reach

While all these opportunities motivate entrepreneurs in e-commerce space, there are some challenges as well, such as the customs rules. An entrepreneur who is looking to expand globally needs to learn about the customs agreements between the sourcing country and the country that the items are being shipped to, to be able to make sure that the shipped items won’t be stuck at customs.

Another important topic to remember is returning. Most of the time, returning an item from a foreign country is a big hassle, therefore, a lot of the companies ask the logistics companies to destroy the item if its return, which costs less money then the actual cost of getting the item shipped back. Some of the companies also create a new logistics location in countries where they have a strong customer base, to handle the returns and expedite the shipping of the items.

Finally, the last topic to remember is the local payment methods and paying attention to the local currency. Companies who don’t localize their website to the target language of the geography they are targeting tend to suffer from lower conversion to sales ratios than the ones that do offer the e-commerce items to the customer in their own language and currency preferred. This helps people to compare prices and understand the offering much better and prevents the hassle of converting a foreign currency into a local currency, which most people won’t bother doing.

Converting measurements to local measurements (For Ex: inches to the centimeter) is also another important topic to remember if you are selling stuff that are measured by length, such as zippers. Zippers are one of those things that you use every day. Aside from trousers or jackets, zippers right now can also be found on laptop cases, bags for tools, tents, handbags and luggage, and more forms of items.


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But, despite its importance, many people still fail to neglect its important role outside the industry of fashion or sewing. This then causes confusion when people start looking for zippers suppliers online. For this reason, it is a must that you know more about zippers before you make a purchase. There are numerous tailors that benefit from the wide selection of zippers at Zipper Shipper’s website with their kind offering of worldwide shipment options. Most local stores either don’t carry the selection that the tailors look for, or are too far to drive to, luckily, an online option like this allows buying things even in niche categories like zippers, saving customers and hobbyists time and money.

Hobbyists that are into DIY projects can also benefit from the usage of this site when looking to do small projects at home to create some nice crafting items to either gift people or sell online on sites like etsy, ebay etc.

Modern zippers today have come a long way and they now come in various styles and made using different parts for every style. The zipper parts themselves are divided into many other types, which depend on several factors including the materials used, the manufacturing process, features, functions, and more. It is due to this vastness of available varieties that confusion arises once you need to get one, like when your zipper breaks all of a sudden. Indeed, it can be quite difficult to choose the right zipper that suits your specific needs.

To give you a good idea, here are the common zipper classifications according to functionality:

  1. Separating or open-end zipper – The teeth or elements could be separated completely, often with the use of box and pin attachment replacing the bottom stop. These zippers can be commonly found in sweaters, jackets, and other types of outerwear. These also need to be durable since we tend to make strong movements when zipping jackets and outerwear.
  2. Close-end zipper – Teeth on these zippers cannot be completely separated. These are characterized by one bottom stop merging both of the teeth’s sides. These zippers are found on jeans and trousers, bags, boots, and others.

Other classifications of zippers based on functionality include two-way head to head zippers, two-way separating zippers, and two-way back-to-back zippers. With this many options out there along with struggles of finding an appropriate color and length for your tailoring projects, it is crucial to find a proper website with the inventory needed along with custom zipper options.