Early Twitter Inc (TWTR) Investor Chris Sacca Says It’s A Great Fit With Google Inc (GOOG)

Twitter building

Chris Sacca was one of the early birds who invested in Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). According to him Twitter would be a prize catch for Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG). He told CNBC that if the deal goes through it would be an apt use of Google’s money. Also, it would make up for Google’s lack of expertise in the social domain. He went on to say if Google is not willing to purchase Twitter, big companies such as Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) or Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) should purchase Twitter for its own good. In his opinion, the Twitter board wasn’t interested in a sell-off. At the same time, the board was not committed to keeping the organization independent perpetually.

Twitter’s stock plunged by as much as 28% from April when the organization slashed its sales forecast and announced revenue well below the estimation of analysts. This led to certain analysts doubting the management’s credibility and estimation of advertiser and consumer demand.

Sacca posted an 8,500-word blog on Wednesday identifying the issues with Twitter and how the organization could solve those issues. According to Sacca, Twitter failed to tell its own story to investors and users. He believes Twitter need to improve its products and services to attract additional users as well as advertisers. It Twitter implements the changes then it would have a higher possibility of remaining an autonomous entity.

Sacca urged Twitter to take greater risks. He noted that a staggering 1 billion people used Twitter and left the service. Sacca opined that certain big changes such as apps that would organize posts by topic instead of chronological order or prompts for users when they post would make Twitter more attractive.
Sacca suggests that Twitter make its service simpler to use by developing a distinct application that would curate content aided by human editors and concentrated on specific live events. One of his remedies for Twitter was for the firm to significantly increase its use by delivering a more fulfilling and less overawing experience for users.

Sacca dubbed the current Twitter experience as relatively lonely. To avoid that kind of feel, he suggested that Twitter dispatch notifications to users regarding who is noticing them on the platform, for instance, a celebrity noticing that you followed his/her tweet. Sacca went on to predict that if the suggested changes were implemented properly and quickly, hundreds of millions of new users would join and remain loyal, and the users who had previously left would return to Twitter.

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