Eddy Lacy Going To The NFC West Team

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There are many free agents in the NFL that have already found their new homes. Most of them were the ones that are actually the best as the most money is always given out at the beginning of the Free Agency period. We are now a week into the new season, and the best players at every position have found their new teams. Except for the running backs.

It seems that the market is not great for the guys that are running the ball out of the backfield. All the big names at this position had to wait for over a week for the first name to go to a team. That first big-time running back to land a contract was Eddy Lacy as he agreed to a deal with Seattle Seahawks But, it is only a one-year agreement.

Source: packers.com

Seahawks also took a good look at Adrian Peterson and Latavius Murray, guys that still haven’t found their new teams, but decided that Lacy is their man. He has similar skills as their former star back Marshawn Lynch, but he struggles to stay in shape. That was the major problem with him in Green Bay, and that is the reason for him not staying in Wisconsin. He packed his bags and is not off to Seattle.

He will need to prove a lot of doubters wrong. Even though the Seahawks gave him another chance, the fact that they gave him only a one-year deal tells us that they don’t want to commit long-term to a guy like Lacy. Coach Pete Carol has said that he doesn’t want Lacy to be way too slim as he likes big backs, but that his staff will monitor the shape of this running back.