7 Ways Educational Technology Has Improved in 2024


We all live in a technologically-driven era, which makes it quite logical that technology has influenced every single industry and life out there. When talking about education, there is no exception. Since thousands of schools were closed this year due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, professors had to utilize technology in order to continue educating their pupils from remote locations.

All of this might make you wonder – in which ways did educational technology improve in 2024? Fortunately for all parents, professors, and students searching for an answer to this question, this article can help. Let’s take a closer look at all the ways it has influenced education this year:

1. New And Improved Digital Classrooms


Although there are various programs such as Skype that can be used for communicating with a group of people at the same time, this year, workers in the IT sector had to come up with new and improved digital platforms that can be utilized by both educators and pupils at the same time.

Simply said, these digital classrooms are basically like the ordinary classrooms we see in schools, however, it is completely immersed in the digital world. Most commonly, these classrooms can be accessed by using a website, platform, or application, all of which will provide the feeling of the students attending classes.

So, instead of not attending classes or being homeschooled by their parents, individuals can now continue their learning by accessing such platforms, all of which will keep them safe from the possibility of contracting the COVID-19 virus and spreading it to their family members.

2. The Entire Process is More Personalized

Of course, personalized education is not a new concept, but, tech has made it extremely easy. Since pupils can access digital classrooms, they can also access different resources that can help students learn easier and comprehend the materials better. Additionally, they can access the Internet in order to find the information they need, which makes everything more personalized.

Professors can also benefit from these features since they can use tech tools in order to automate and complete some of their administrative tasks such as testing and grading. And, if they choose to implement learning tools in their digital classrooms, they can help individuals achieve more.

3. A Wide Range of Online Courses


There is also a wide range of online platforms that feature a wide range of online courses that students and teachers can use for improving the overall learning and instructional experience. Let’s take Gooroo Courses as an example. This particular platform allows individuals whose schooling was interrupted by the Coronavirus access to hundreds of online courses created by worldwide experts.

When subscribed, you’ll be able to browse and watch instructional videos that cover a wide range of subjects including math, science, English, arts, music, health & wellness, and so on. Hence, if someone has problems with, let’s say Calculus, they could access such platforms, watch the videos, and hopefully comprehend the materials better.

4. Learning Through Video Games


From personal experience, most parents consider video games to be a distraction to our achievements, however, nowadays, that has completely changed. How? Well, some of the leading companies in the world such as Microsoft are developing programs that offer professors gaming teaching tools.

Hence, by utilizing such tools, teachers can now create an improved learning experience through video games. For example, they can utilize digital musical instruments in order to teach kids how different instruments work and sound, meaning that they do not need to physically have them in their homes during their online classes.

5. More Opportunities With 3D Printers

You might have seen the biology teacher putting on a costume of the human body in order to explain to her younger pupils different parts of our body, however, what if she 3D printed them? 3D printing opens up so many possibilities, and in the case of biology classes, teachers could print whatever they wanted to.

This won’t only help people learn better, but, it will prompt them to interact, touch, and inspect the structures, which means that they’ll be able to comprehend everything better. Of course, it can be used for a wide range of subjects, meaning that even science teachers could use it for improving the entire learning experience.

6. Virtual Reality is Here to Stay


Similar to 3D printing, virtual reality glasses can provide younger children with a fun and interesting experience, especially since they could, for example, see Isaac Newton explaining the laws of motion to them. This will not only create an unforgettable experience but, it will also make school more enjoyable for the students – especially smaller children.

Of course, these devices do not come with cheap price tags, however, more and more schools and universities are thinking about implementing them in their classrooms. Additionally, it can also allow individuals to interact with the program, which will only assist in the learning process.

7. The Schools Are More Secured

Although not exactly educational, it is still worth mentioning – with improved and innovative devices and platforms schools can protect themselves better from cyber attacks. Why should they protect themselves from hackers? Well, most administrations are filled with sensitive and private information including birth dates, names, social security numbers, and so on.

However, with cloud-computing, schools can now keep their data safe. Naturally, the gathered data will need to be properly backed up in order to protect the information, and besides, it keeps all the information safe, even if the physical copies get destroyed.



The world of education has been drastically impacted by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, however, with the help of technology, students can continue their educational journey. Additionally, it grants both students and teachers access to a wide range of resources, which basically means that everything is made easier and more comprehensible for them.

So, now that you are aware of all the ways that tech and the Internet have changed education, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, you might want to do some more digging on the interesting things mentioned above, and experience all the wonderful things technology has to offer to people who are ready to learn more.