Elementary Season 6 Release Date & New Details!


We are in for a bit of waiting on Elementary Season 6 unfortunately.

When CBS announced Sherlock in its Fall 2017 schedule we couldn’t find Elementary Season 6 anywhere. Although the sole fact that it wasn’t on the schedule does look bad have no worries, season 6 will arrive!

Elementary Season 6 Cast


Producers didn’t experiment much with the cast for the upcoming season but we will see a few fresh faces. Desmond Harrington is now part of the cast as a regular for Elementary Season 6 according to reports from TV LIne. Harrington plays Michael who is a recovering addict following in Sherlock’s footsteps by trying to control his chemical dependency. This will prove useful for Sherlock since the Season 6 brings him challenges in which he will need help from a fellow addict especially after the whole scan drama from Season 5 where he discovered the reason behind him having a conversation with imaginary people (with his late mother).

Going back to Harrington, you probably know this guy from Dexter where he played Detective Joey Quinn. Besides this role, he also prides himself in his works on series such as The Astronaut Wives Club, Limitless, Gossip Girl, Rescue Me and Dragnet. He is also known for his involvement in movies. He played a part in The Neon Demon, The Dark Knight Rises and in a historic horror movie Wrong Turn.

Season 6 Details

Fans of Elementary prepare yourselves. What you are about to read won’t make you feel good. Season 6 will only have 13 episodes in lieu of the usual 24. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Why? Well, let’s be honest, the show was known for having a tiresome mid-season lag where we had to go through some dull scenes. This might be a sign of better things to come, we won’t need to sit through the cookie cutting procedures anymore.

CBS CEO Les Moonves stated: ‘One of the changes in having so much midseason is that look, repeats aren’t working as well as they used to.’ He also added: ‘It’s good to have originals all the way through, so if you take a Code Black, it was on Wednesday night and doing decently on Wednesday night. There’s no reason that Criminal Minds couldn’t come off for a short period of time and you put in Code Black and you continue with originals all the way through. Same with Elementary on a Sunday night or a Thursday night, things like that. So you have a lot more leeway to do things.’
In all fairness, CBS had no special treatment for Elementary this year considering the constant schedule changes where the show was thrown around every Sunday night whenever there was an NFL game broadcast.


Elementary Season 6 Release Date

We should advise you not to expect the Season 6 to air until early 2018. We don’t even know if it will return to Sunday night schedule when it comes back. Maybe the CBS decided to go back to their original Thursday night slot again. However, we know that the earliest possible Elementary Season 6 premiere could happen on Sunday, January 7 or on Thursday, January 11. But having only 13 episodes the show may be better off with the Thursday slot because of the Super Bowl which is on February 4th. If they decide to air it in spring of course.