Elephants save the baby elephant by joined forces


This is pretty much the most amazing video ever showing you elephants teamed up to save the baby elephant from drowning.

The setting of this beautiful scenery was in Grand Park Zoo, Seoul, in South Korea. What the video actually shows is a baby elephant starting to fight for its life in one of the pools of the Zoo. It fell while passing by with adult elephant.

What happens next will certainly surprise you. Not only people have the instinct to help other. Animals can also take care of each other, especially when it comes to saving lives of one another. So as the baby elephant fell into the water, the adult elephants didn’t just walk away, but they focused themselves on saving the poor baby’s life.


They tried to use their trunks in order to get the small elephant out, but unfortunately, that did not serve the purpose.

Luckily, they didn’t give up on it. What’s more, they became, even more, firm in their decision to save it.

They quickly came up with the idea of going around the shallow and entering the water together. This way they managed to rescue the baby and get it out of the pool unharmed. It was brought to safety thanks to these to caring animals.

The video ends by showing us how the little fellow managed to get on the dry land finally. It was posted on Friday, and it has had an avalanche of reaction since then. The video has collected about 500,000 views. The response of these animals was edifying for humans as well because it has demonstrated how animals can act quickly when their species is in danger and how they are also willing to help. And although this video is a little bit terrifying at first, luckily, their endeavor had a happy ending, and a baby elephant survived.