Eli Manning Or Ben Roethlisberger – Who Wins On Sunday?


Two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks will meet in Pittsburgh on Sunday in one of the most interesting matchups of Week 13 in the NFL. These two are the only pair of QBs that have won multiple titles while being drafted in the same draft class. Both of these teams have something to play for, and that is going to make this game even more interesting.

Steelers defense is terrible, especially that secondary. They had given up a lot of big plays to opposing offenses before they slowed down Luck-less Colts on Thanksgiving day. With a lot of time to prepare for this match, they are ready to square off against the Giants. The offense of the team from Pittsburgh is one of the best in the NFL, ready to wreak havoc on the crew from New York.


Speaking of them, they have managed to improve defense. This squad is much better than they were last year. The offense is still explosive, but turnover prone with Eli Manning leading the way. They do have the better defense, but this match will be played in Pittsburgh, and it’s going to be a tough task for them to stop Big Ben.

We are going to give the edge to Roethlisberger and his Steelers in this one. It’s going to be a tough game for both teams, very close duel with a lot of points on the board. Roethlisberger should outplay Eli and win the game for his crew leading them to 7-5 score while leaving Giants at 8-4.