Eli Manning Reacts To Romo’s Statement About Dak Prescott Being The Starter


Even though Tony Romo is probably more talented and better overall player than Eli Manning ever was, Eli is the one that is the two-time Super Bowl champion while Tony Romo has a total of two Playoff wins in his career. Both are respected quarterback in the NFL, but Eli is probably the one that people will remember more due to his results.

They have been divisional rivals for years now, they know each other very well, and that is probably why Eli Manning appreciated hearing what Tony Romo said during that press conference of his.

“I thought it was a classy move by Tony,” said Eli, who didn’t watch that conference but has heard about it. “Good thing to try and end the talk and the speculation. Just go ahead and clear things out. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Tony, but I thought it was a good move by him.”

Manning added that “you always feel for guys that are injured. To lose your spot because of injury is tough. I know Tony will do the right things and he’ll be ready to play.”


Eli Manning has never had problems with injuries so he can only imagine how it’s been for Romo to sit out almost two whole years in a row. Manning has started 192 consecutive games since being drafted back in 2004. Hasn’t missed a game. He hopes that he doesn’t end up like Romo, while at the same time showing a lot of appreciation for what Tony has done throughout his career.