Elias Wants A Wrestlemania 34 Duel With The Rock

The biggest show of them all, at least in the world of wrestling is less than three weeks away. Wrestlemania 34 threatens to be the most glorious one so far. The WWE History spans for decades now and calling the upcoming event the biggest ever in the existence of World Wrestling Entertainment must count for something.

The main event at Mania is going to be the showdown between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for Universal Championship. If you can recall this duel was headlining WM three years ago, but the winner of that one was Seth Rollins who cashed in Money In The Bank briefcase during that event to come out as WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

So the main show is scheduled, but many superstars are still on the lookout for their spot at Wrestlemania 34. The one star who is on the rise in recent weeks and months and doesn’t have a match set for WM is Elias. His stocks have risen high. He was even a candidate to fight Brock Lesnar in the main event. But he lost in the Elimination Chamber match.

And now after shooting at the big prize, he found himself without an opponent. Wrestlemania is held at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans on April, 8th. That date is almost upon us, so Elias is in a rush to find himself an opponent.

Source: www.wwe.com

Similar to what Rusev did a few days ago, Elias took it to the social networks to call out a celebrity to fight him. But he already set his mind on an adversary. Listen to this. ELIAS WANTS TO FIGHT THE ROCK!

Pardon us, too much excitement from mentioning People’s Champ; he doesn’t actually want to fight him. Elias called out The Brahman Bull to a sing-off contest. In an interview to Sky Sports, he said: “If The Rock wants to Walk With Elias then he’s more than welcome to. Keep in mind, The Rock maybe [performed with a guitar] a dozen times on television, but I am doing it on every week, and I’m doing it on the live events where we have hundreds of dates a year.”

The Great One still didn’t respond to this request, and we’re not sure that he’ll be even interested. And for Elias, a guitar contest might be his only chance to be featured at Wrestlemania. All of the draws are almost known, so we are not sure that WWE has him in their plans. But, let’s wait and see. There are still 18 days to go until WM. The clock is ticking for Elias.