Ellie Gonsalves opens up about how Dwayne The Rock Johnson helped her after she lost her dad to suicide


Model and actress Ellie Gonsalves lost her dad to suicide two years ago, but she had someone really important to her help her get over the stressful period in her life.

The comfort for the beautiful Australian came from one of the greatest names in Hollywood nowadays, the former WWE star Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

“He’s been an amazing mentor and incredible friend,” Ellie said in one of her interviews. She also revealed that Johnson was the one who helped her get her first grand role in Hollywood for the movie Fighting With My Family.


“Working with Dwayne, he really did encourage me,” she stated. “He’s been such a mentor to me, and he really did encourage me to share my story and make that a positive thing, make every lesson a positive lesson.

“It was something I struggled to get through, and sharing that with them was really hard and hit me really hard because my dad and I were super close, but I felt I could really lean on Dwayne for support.”

One year ago Gonsalves shared the story of her father’s death on her Instagram profile.

“This is a day which really hits close to home for me because I lost my dad to suicide two years ago and we didn’t really think he was capable of doing what he did.”

She opened up about how grief-stricken her father’s suicide was for her and her family:

“It really did hit us out of nowhere and it really did destroy my life for a really really long time and not a day goes by where I don’t think about him and wish that I could just call him.”

Ellie is very grateful for the great help and support that she got from The Rock:

“He signed me with his agent at WME and then brought me that as the first project of signing with them.”

She sees Johnson as a loving person, with no illusions or pretensions.


“I’m incredibly grateful that I get to work with something who’s just like that cool, awesome nice down to earth person, he really is how he is on talk shows and interviews he’s such a charismatic fun loving guy.”

Even though the two has a strong bond, Ellie admitted being terrified of working with such an amazing actor.

“Everyone gets nerves and excitement on their first day, but just to be able to work with someone as professional as that.

“I would have to pinch myself and sometimes think ‘Omg this is so cool,’ ” she admitted.

Fighting With My Family is a movie that depicts the life of a former wrestler and his family earning a living as children dream of becoming a part of the great World Wrestling Entertainment experience. The movie will be released at the beginning of 2018.