Elliott Wasn’t The One Throwing Punches At Night Club


This was really a weekend to forget for Dallas Cowboys’ star running back as he is on the brink of being suspended for a game or two at the beginning of the NFL season. Then, he was at the club in which a fight broke out, and the rumors were starting to swirl that he was the one that was involved. Even though he did participate in the incident, it seems that he wasn’t the one that threw the punch.

The initial reports were telling us that Elliott was the one fighting as some “witnesses” stated that they have seen him involved directly in the altercation. But, according to a bouncer from Wichita Falls, Michael Huffman, that has been at the same bar, that wasn’t entirely the truth, and he had a different view of the events that took place a couple of days ago. He said that Elliott wasn’t the one hitting the guy that instigated the fight that night.

“It didn’t go down like that,” said Huffman, as he had a good view of Ezekiel Elliott since he was hoping to get a selfie with the star back. “Everybody is saying that, but he didn’t throw the punch. Zeke was just standing there arms folded chilling feeling the crowd. Then, I have seen DJ getting loud toward the vicinity of Zeke and then I see an overhand right come over the back of Zeke’s shoulder that landed square in DTrain’s face and he went to sleep. He didn’t even see it. Then the crowd circled and dispersed. I’m surprised a whole video hasn’t been released yet.”


While it is good to know that Cowboys RB wasn’t involved in this incident directly and that he didn’t throw the punch, it would be much better for both him and fans of the team if he would stay out of trouble. If that means staying away from this kind of clubs, then Zeke should do it and slow down a little bit.