Elliott’s Message To Prescott: Just Go Play Ball!


Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension was reinstated, and until further notice, he is not allowed to train with his Cowboys teammates. This doesn’t mean that they are not in contact. Dak Prescott stated to the press that the two had interchanged more than a few messages since the court ruling on Monday.

The atmosphere on Dallas training ground must have been awkward because this was the first training session for Prescott without his teammate Elliott. In the light of this situation, Prescott said to Elliott via text messages: “Just telling him, we got his back, supporting him, and he had a couple of words for me. I was just letting him know we support him. He obviously feels bad with the ruling coming down, but just letting him know I’ve got his back; this team’s got his back. He was just telling me ‘Just go play ball.'”


The talk about Elliott’s suspension was there even before the season started, and Cowboys have been steadily preparing for it. The first time NFL announced their decision was on August 11th. But, thanks to court ruling Zeke was able to play in the first seven games. Despite him currently being out of the team, the legal battle is not over yet. His last attempt to change the outcome of NFL’s decision, and Cowboys season at that, will come after another appeal to the Second Circuit in New York.

Elliott is forbidden to talk to the coaching staff during the suspension. But, luckily he can be in touch with his teammates and strength and athletic trainers.

Continuing the conversation, Prescott also said: “I mean, I’m not going to read his attitude or what I thought. It is what it is. It happened. I know he’s looking forward, he’s moving forward. He’s put that all behind him. He’s going to do the best he can to have his body and his mind ready to go when he returns.”

Prescott and Elliott are close friends since they both were drafted by Cowboys in 2016. Their chemistry in the game has lead America’s Team to 13-3 score last year. Naturally, the players are also connected when off the field. Now, if the final appeal fails, the Cowboys will just have to do without him in the next six matches.


Regardless of Elliott’s case resolution Prescott remains confident in his squad: “I mean, my expectations for this team are high regardless of who is at running back, who is at receiver, who is at offensive line. My expectation is that I know these guys in this locker room, the guys I go to work with each and every day. I know their potential. I know what they and we can do together. My expectations don’t change.”