ELO Boosting in League of Legends

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League of Legends is a highly competitive MOBA Video Game that’s been around for almost a decade now. It has a very developed competitive scene and worldwide tournaments with pretty large prize pools. The game can also be played casually, but there isn’t much to experience if you’re not giving your best to win, because that’s the only objective in the game.

Currently, there are top-tier teams from many countries worldwide that compete in League of Legends, but the game is taken most seriously in Korea, Japan, and China, where it’s almost considered as a religion. With that being said, those three countries also have some of the greatest players and upcoming prodigies. But, that’s enough for the pro-scene, let’s take a look at some things that concern the more “casual” players in this game.

What is ELO in League of Legends?

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ELO is a system that has been developed in order to rank players in Chess tournaments, but it quickly got adopted by many online multiplayer games, simply because it works well like boosteria to rank up. Just like in any other competitive multiplayer online video game, League of Legends has a ranking system, which is used to determine your skill, and with it the skill of the people you’re going to play with and play against in your matches.

Since the competition in League of Legends is extremely high, winning games is not really easy unless you’re really “tryharding” in the game, which means playing regularly and giving your best to improve each day.

How can I rank up higher?

If you want to be highly ranked in League of Legends, you need to be a really good player and “carry” your games. This means that sometimes you’ll have to play exceptionally well, even if you have bad teammates. However, for some people, this is hard to do, so a little help every now and then won’t hurt at all. Feel free to visit https://eloboost24.eu/ if you want to learn some more about “easing out” the elo-gaining process.

How can I improve at the game?

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Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, in order to improve at League of Legends, you’ll need to play constantly, with at least of five matches per day. Since LoL matches don’t last too long, five games per day are pretty manageable, even if you’re a person that works during the day. Practicing how to play one role and getting exceptionally good at it is the key to becoming a better player. If you’re not familiar with it, League of Legends is a game where every player on a team has a different role. It’s just like in sports, Basketball for example, where someone’s the playmaker, another guy is a shooter, and the rest are defending against enemy attacks, etc. The point is to become a great “jungle” for example and learn how to win your games by playing your role to the fullest. It might take some time to become good at this game, so don’t get discouraged if you lose your first couple games in the beginning. League of Legends professionals are practicing for eight hours per day, for many years in a row in order to become good at the game, so don’t think that you’ll get it on your first try.