EMC to Become Friendly with Microsoft after Dell Partnership


Dell announced that they planned to buy the storage firm EMC back in October for $67 billion, and the planned purchase has brought forth questions. The president of VCE, a division of the EMC for Converged Platform, has had to bear those questions.

While in Sydney on Tuesday, Sakac, who is also the EMC Global Systems Engineering leader, said that Microsoft and EMC were not on the same path when it came to how they viewed the world. But the one interesting thing is that Dell and Microsoft had one of the biggest partnerships. Dell is actually Microsoft’s largest single partner, he said.

EMC and Dell might be giving each other space at the moment as they operate at arms length from each other, but the question as to how Microsoft would be dealt with when it came to full integration of the companies was being discussed.

Sakac explained that the two companies integrated a clean room exercise, and during the exercise, they were evaluating partners and competition. In that evaluation, 9 out of 10 times the two agreed, with one exception which was Microsoft. He, however, said that with the full integration of the two companies, he expects to see EMC fully embrace the Azure technology as a partner rather than a competitor.

Michael Dell spoke in Las Vegas at the EMC World conference and announced that when the acquisition was complete, the two companies would merge into Dell Technologies. Dell, who spoke earlier this month, said the new name would put forward a sense of togetherness, a sense of family before he went on to say that as far as family names were concerned, he liked Dell.

Sakac said he was personally eager to work with the new name, even though EMC will not be included in it. The idea of walking past airport security and saying he works for Dell Technologies is something that appealed to him.

He also reiterated that the newly merged company would be the ideal partner for companies as the world moves on to the next tech revolution. Dell Technologies will become the sole private firm on the market, and according to Sakac, a publicly traded company has obstacles when it comes to switching from capital business models to the more common utilised business model everyone is doing this day.

He finished his comments by saying that he felt at Dell Technologies, he felt like they were doing something really cool.