Emma Injured Yet Again?


Injuries are a big part of every sport, and they always play a big role in the careers of every professional. The same thing can be said for wrestling as the performers are always doing all sorts of risky moves. Bodies sometimes just give in to those motions as they can’t handle the kind of movements that the wrestlers do.

The injuries in a wrestling world can impact the careers of the performers in many different ways. When somebody is getting hurt all the time, the higher-ups in the company are going to label that person as injury prone and are going to be reluctant to push that superstar in the future. Anther possibility is that they might not even put the title on that superstar as there is a high probability for the injury to occur and for all of that to go down the water.


One of the superstars that is always having problems with staying healthy is Emma. During a recent house show in Liverpool, it seems that she got hurt again during a match with Sasha Banks. The Boss went for her signature double knees move on Emma, but the two were too close to the corner, so the move caused Emma to hurt her shoulder.

The refs went to check on her, and they threw up the X right away, which is WWE’s sign that the superstar is really hurt and that she can’t continue wrestling. When the X is thrown, the match is over right then and there. Emma was helped out the ring as she was holding onto that shoulder. More about the nature and seriousness of this injury will be revealed in the coming days.