Enjoy Your Next Ride In This Affordable Electric Car

Tesla Model 3

Well, with all the giants competing on the larger scales and coming up with all types of cars, Tesla has not been left behind. Recently, the company launched a new model namely the Tesla Model 3.This does not come as a surprise as most of Tesla’s competing companies have already launched an electric car or are in the process of launching one. The CEO of the company said that after they just announced the launch of their electric car, they had already received around 180000 pre-orders. This could mean well for the company as it seems that their consumers are pretty excited about their new electric car. So what is the information that the company has given about the new car?

Well, consumers can be pretty excited as the car will be pretty much affordable and will go for $35000. Other qualities that the car will have is the fact that it will have a speed of 215 miles on a full charge.

Since the car will be electric, it is said to support supercharging and because of this, the cars will be able to recharge quicker once they are depleted of charge. Tesla has also ensured that the places that will over supercharging will increase to 7200 to facilitate quicker recharging. These are the latest technology news.

The car has also been equipped with enough storage space for those who require more storage space as the car has storage space both at the rear and front parts of the vehicle, I mean, how cool is that?

Another awesome thing about the car is the fact that it will have autopilot which allows the car to drive itself to avoid the collision or other sorts of problems. This car will surpass the normal cars due to the many advantages that come with it.

Another advantage is the fact that the car is going to be more comfortable and spacious than the petrol-based cars. The electric car can host up to 5 cars so the car could come in handy for people with families as Tesla will greatly improve on the spacing of the car. Wearable technology will also find application in this field.

Another thing that makes the car so comfortable is the fact that it has a rear with a continuous pane of glass. The company announced that after they had announced the launch of the vehicle, their consumers were already after the cars. This is some new tech.

There were long queues of people outside the company’s stores waiting to pre-order the car. They tried to serve as many people as possible. A fee of $1000 was charged to every consumer who wanted to pre-order the car. This new technology is becoming a true hit as we speak.

The money was supposed to seek of the book the car for the consumers and ensure that they were handed the cars once the first batch starts being handed out.

The company estimates that the cars will be available from late 2017, and the first batch will be given out then. Even before the company had announced the launch of the cars, they were forced to take online pre-orders as rumors were already out there and the demand was so high.

The CEO, Eleon Musk was very hopeful and said that the goal of the company was to produce 500000 vehicles a year. A very high goal but very achievable nevertheless.

People from certain countries such as USA, China, Japan, UK, BRAZIL and others can pre-order the cars if they want.

The firm needs this car to work out for them and to be in demand for a long time as last year the company posted a loss, despite the fact that the company had produced various cars with the Model S Saloon becoming the best pure-electric vehicle. With all that glory, the company still made a loss, and their cash reserve moved from $1.9b to $1.2.

A couple of electric cars are already out, and Tesla has great competition. Some of the electric cars include: Chevrolet Bolt which is going for around $37500 with a speed of 200 miles on a full charge.

This car is expected to be available by late 2016.Another one is the BMW i3 which is already available. It is going for $42400 with a speed of 80-100 miles on a full charge. There is also the Toyota Mirai, which goes for $57500.It has a speed of 312 miles on a full charge.

The Tesla Model 3 has got a lot of potentials and it looks like it will hit waves and will be purchased. We can only wait and see how the model will do in the market against the other electric cars already in the market.