Enzo And Cass Moving To Smackdown Live?

Source: www.wwe.com

Tag divisions on both brands were something that needed a quick fix. Well, at Wrestlemania and on the Raw after it, Raw tag division got a huge boost. First, The Hardy Boyz made their long-awaited return to the company in the Raw tag team championship match at Mania 33. Then, the Revival made their main roster debut on Monday Night Raw just one night later.

When we take a look at the division of the red brand, we can see that it is pretty stacked. Maybe even too much for all teams to be relevant and pushed. Somebody is likely going to switch shows next week.

On the latest episode of Raw, we saw Enzo and Cass lose their number one contenders match against Cesaro and Sheamus. Can that mean that they are done on the red brand and are going to Smackdown Live as a part of this superstar shakeup?

Source; si.com

Even though this division is strong now, we can’t say the same thing about the Smackdown Live and their tag team wrestling. They need new bodies, new squads, and new feuds. Moving Enzo and Cass to the blue brand would be the best for them and for the show itself. This team is over with the crowd and can be put in any feud, at any time, against any heel in the game. The Usos will need some new opponents to wrestle against so getting another face rival for them would be the right move. It seems that Enzo and Cass fit there perfectly.