Eric Bischoff Has Some Praise For Samoa Joe

There are guys in today’s WWE that wouldn’t even make it to the company a decade ago as Vince McMahon was preferring wrestlers that looked like superheroes rather than going out and getting those men that are great in-ring workers. Today, we have a lot of guys that don’t really fit the mold that was present in the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression era. The wrestling fans want something different now, and that has opened the doors for a lot of indy performers.

One of them is Samoa Joe. He has been one of the best workers on the indy scene for a long time. When we talk about the TNA’s best days, we can’t end that conversation without talking about Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, two of the biggest stars that TNA has ever seen. When Samoa Joe signed with the WWE, he was a face at first, but it is his heel run in NXT and now on the main roster that has turned some heads making him a superstar.

Former WWE and WCW on-screen character Eric Bischoff has had a lot of positive things to say about Samoa Joe and his run with the WWE.

“Love it, Joe is one of the coolest people I know. I saw Joe at WrestleMania a couple months ago and I just couldn’t be happier, that’s all, I couldn’t be happier. It warms my heart in such a great way. He’s such a good guy and such a talented guy, he’s stuck it out and put up with so much cr*p. People saying: ‘Bro! You’re too fat, bro! You’ll never get over, bro!’ He’s emerged, he took all the criticism. He’s an amazing talent and, God, I just wish him the best.”

In the process of praising Samoa Joe, it appears that Eric Bischoff took a few shots at Vince Russo, who is known for that “bro” catchphrase. A savage move from Bischoff for sure.