Eva Marie Is Done With WWE


One of the most marketable women’s wrestlers on the WWE roster right now is done with the company. It is fair to say that her look was the only thing that made her relevant in the world of wrestling. The company thought that negative reaction that she is getting is good as she is supposed to be a heel while her look also made her character more appealing. But, after she broke the wellness policy, the writers didn’t really have any storyline ready for her.

Now, she is going to leave the business when her contract expires as she won’t be renewing her deal with the organization. The public comments about her leaving the company haven’t been made by either side because she is still under the contract and she is still a member of the Total Divas cast. Eva is one of the stars of this season, and she is obligated to promote the show. Shootings for the next season of Total Divas are now almost finished, with Eva Marie not being in plans for the next year.


Her only value was probably in the Total Divas. This girl was hated because of the fact that she is a bad in-ring talent, but that was also a big draw for the fans to tune in into as she is pretty attractive female. Still, as there is really no use for her when it comes to wrestling, there is no need for her to be on the payroll. She also probably wants to continue wrestling and realizes that her goals can’t be achieved in the WWE.